Strong foundations.
Decades of experience.

With over five decades of experience as a leading Victorian construction company, Buxton Construction quickly earned a reputation for excellence in construction across all industries.

Our team are experienced construction professionals who have worked across a variety of industries, including hospitality, leisure, aged care & retirement, health, education, and the commercial and industrial sectors, as well as on residential projects of varying sizes. Our clients come from all walks of life, but one thing they can all be certain of is a collaborative partnership, a high-quality design, and unsurpassed construction services.

End-to-end construction
and design services

A world-class property is more than just bricks and mortar. Every build is a multi-faceted project with its own unique requirements, goals, budget, timeline, and expectations. That’s why we’ll manage all aspects of the project and offer end-to-end construction services to simplify the process while ensuring that your property is delivered on-time, on-budget and to the highest standards of quality.

Our expertise

  • Cost Planning
  • Design Review/Management
  • Value Engineering and Buildability Assessment
  • General Tendering
  • Programming
  • Construction Management
  • Design and Construct
  • Budget and Cost Management
  • Project Management
  • Full Construction Services
  • Project Risk Analysis

Sustainable Behaviours

As an industry leading construction company in Victoria, we understand the role we play in building a better future for all Australians. We’re committed to leading the way in sustainable construction to enhance positive outcomes for society while reducing negative impacts on the environment in commercially sustainable ways.

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Social responsibilities

Recognising our responsibility to the communities in which we work, we always aim to generate social value, and we expect all our employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and consultants to do the same. We’re committed to demonstrating social responsibility and maintaining fair, inclusive, and sustainable business practices at all times.

  • Where possible, we endeavour to use Victorian-based Aboriginal businesses registered with Supply Nation or Kinaway
  • We offer apprenticeships and trainee programs, and encourage Indigenous Australians and disadvantaged individuals to apply
  • We urge our suppliers and subcontractors to undertake employment programs that support those experiencing disadvantage
  • We strive to ensure a safe, fair, and equal work environment for all employees, contractors, and sub-contractors
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and bullying
  • We actively seek to achieve a gender balance in the workplace
  • We ensure fair and equitable pay for all

Economic responsibilities

As one of the leading building companies in Melbourne, we understand our privileged position in society, and recognise our responsibility to support the communities in which we work. Committed to generating local employment, we aim to keep our business within Victoria wherever possible:

  • We utilise Victorian-based suppliers and sub-contractors to increase opportunities for Victorian-based businesses
  • We use locally produced products and materials
  • We support and actively engage small businesses within Victoria
  • We offer career opportunities, apprenticeships, and work experience for young construction talent

Environmental responsibilities

Aspiring to reduce our impact on the environment and preserve this world for generations to come, Buxton Construction is dedicated to the efficient use of resources, the reduction of pollution and waste, and the minimisation of material and energy consumption.

To that end, all our business practices are underpinned by our Environmental Policy, while an Environmental Management Plan must be completed and approved for every project we undertake.

Wherever possible, we aim to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Minimise water loss and waste while collecting and reusing rainwater
  • Use ethically and sustainably produced materials
  • Select recycled and recyclable materials
  • Use local suppliers to reduce transport requirements
  • Increase awareness of the natural environment surrounding our construction sites
  • Reduce the impact of construction on the plants and animals living within the area
  • Plant local and native species in our landscaping projects
  • Promote building designs that minimise heating and cooling requirements
  • Use energy-efficient equipment, as well as electrical, heat pump, or solar units instead of gas
  • Support circulatory economy practices
  • Encourage the use of renewable energy