Over the years many employees of Buxton Construction have participated in the company’s graduate program. We’ve put the spotlight on four diverse graduate stories.

Tim Hope-Johnstone

A prime example of the value of the graduate program is Tim Hope-Johnstone. Tim joined Buxton in 2006 and worked as a graduate on the Essington Apartments project in Camberwell while completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management) at RMIT University and commenced in estimating.

He subsequently obtained his degree with honours and worked in contract administration before assuming the role of project manager on stage two of Blueprint Developments’ flagship $135 million, 451 apartment Sandyhill project in Sandringham.

“There’s always a sense of satisfaction when a project is handed over but the most enjoyable aspect of my life at Buxton is working closely with people to achieve the best possible end result. Construction’s a fast-paced environment and unless you share common objectives and there’s a strong sense of camaraderie you don’t survive,” Tim said.

As a senior member of the team Tim is justifiably proud of the company’s high principals coupled with its commitment to being completely open and honest in its dealings with clients, consultants, stakeholders and staff.

“All staff are treated with a high level of respect and are given responsibility which encourages a sense of ownership of all the projects we’re working on, promoting an environment that develops trust, self-discipline and open communication,” Tim explains.

Tim Edmonds

Fresh with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Project Management) from RMIT, Tim Edmonds joined Buxton Construction as a project coordinator in 2016.

“I was keen to learn as much as I could about the industry in general while honing my skills in the space that most appealed to me. Naturally my ambition is to be promoted to project manager in time,” Tim said.

Tim lists working with individual sub-contractors – whom he views as experts in their chosen field – and solving problems that arise as his principal source of job satisfaction while, at the same time, expanding his knowledge of the various trades.

He says his favourite project to date is The Morgan Glen Iris, a luxury 62-apartment assisted living facility in Glen Iris. “There’s a distinct feeling of gratification that comes with the completion of every project but The Morgan is such an outstanding development and the team behind it were awesome to work with.”

More recently Tim moved into the role of contract administrator where he successfully completed a social housing development in Balaclava.

Tim believes Buxton’s integrity, work ethic and flexibility are qualities that set it apart from its competitors. “Our commitment to meeting clients’ needs, delivering a quality product and working harmoniously with our subbies are highly desirable attributes in my book.”

Peter Michaltsis

Peter was part of Buxton’s graduate program during the formative stage of his career, joining the company in 1997 while studying for an Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Construction) at RMIT University.

A qualified carpenter with experience in the residential sector, Peter started in estimating at Buxton then progressed to contract administration.

Bitten by the travel bug, he left Buxton in 2002 to explore Australia before resuming his career “on the tools” before being recruited by Melbourne-based construction company Hickory as a project manager. There he worked his way up the ladder, becoming a director and equity partner.

Subsequently he relinquished these roles to establish a business – which he currently operates – providing independent consultancy services to the construction industry.

“The grounding I received under the Buxton graduate program was invaluable. It’s a family-oriented company with strong ties to building and brings to the table a strong commitment to quality together with an enviable reputation for being frank and open with business associates and staff, Peter said.

“Although I didn’t end up going the distance with Buxton, I am grateful for the opportunity they gave me early on and I attribute much of the success I’ve had in the industry to the excellent grounding I received as a member of their graduate program.”

Bill Bui

The new kid on the block, Bill joined Buxton in February and is undergoing his introduction to the industry on-site under the watchful eye of another graduate, contract administrator Tim Edmonds.

Bill completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction) with honours at RMIT at the end of 2022 and admits he was attracted by the presence of Buxton’s material on campus and the company’s apparent commitment to recruiting qualified people for their graduate program.

“Buxton Construction seemed to be at the forefront of the industry with publicising its graduate program and this willingness to recruit was the catalyst for my application,” Bill said.

“I’m at the beginning of my career and readily accept there’s much to learn in the years ahead but my goal is to progress through the ranks and ultimately become a project manager. The atmosphere here is welcoming and relaxed, and I already feel I’ve made the right decision.”