Buxton Construction has been committed to a graduate training program almost since the company’s inception more than 50 years ago says current chairman Andrew Briggs. It is designed to embrace and develop employees’ capabilities as well as groom and equip people with high potential for more senior roles in the company.

“Over the years the program has produced a raft of tangible benefits for Buxton Construction, the industry and individual graduates, many of whom have progressed through the ranks to senior positions and made a meaningful contribution to our company and the industry overall.”

The program offers a career path for graduates to work in different areas of the business to gain broad experience and develop their skills in various disciplines of the construction industry, preparing them for promotion to more senior positions, either with Buxton or within the broader industry.

“This is a plus for the company as it provides us with a pool of proven performers to consider for promotion and, while we prefer that good people remain with our company, we’re pragmatic and recognise that the construction industry as a whole, benefits from the training and experience our graduates have received with us.”

According to Andrew graduates have the opportunity to identify their individual strengths and career preferences while gaining valuable on-the-job experience which equips them for their future while, from the company’s perspective, the program promotes diversity in the workforce, identifies high performers and assists management with succession planning.

“The program also helps promote stability within the Buxton ranks, strengthens our resources and, from day one, exposes potential leaders to the philosophies, business ethics and culture which have played such an important role in the company’s success for decades,” Andrew added.